Monday, May 28, 2007

working trial (work...?)

As You can see from the proud faces of David (a real catholic priest), Lynn, Sally's partner (ups, name please!), Ross, Steven and Lasse, today we went to the HVC working trials. Being from Hackney, Radio immediately started to look for the job center but, knowing how to run both from criminals and the police, he won 1st price at the scurry (each place develops its own talents). Great fun!

Monday, May 21, 2007

tug of war round 1: kitten looses

kitten gains strength by the minute and soon: round 2

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

muddzslak in guiness book of records

Radio has been training and training in order to join the canine swimathon. and recently, swimming has been supplemented with jumping as high as possible into the water which is why this sunday Radio and Hamish went to allaboutdogs ( to show off radio's jumping into the water skills at the jetty. the rain rained so very hard and full that there seemed to be no point in getting any wetter. Radio appeared to be confused as to why the pool water should be any different from the deep-ish puddles in the grass (after all, they reached up to the elbows) - still, he wanted to jump, but the jetty closed early, so he kept leaping into puddles, which changed his russet gold to brown and brakkish.

looking like brown dalmations (muddaltions or muddzslak) Radio and Hamish took part in the world's largest recall (will be in the guiness book of records, that is, if indeed they succeeded number wise...when we left they were still counting)

the camera gave in due to tropical downpour so there are not many pics of during the day. radio though took home a trophy, which is a buoy like charly morph's (but instead of the beach this one is found in the seas of it got there i have no idea)

back in London Radio couldn't resist to pose for a family portrait....any opportunity...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


People go to Crufts not only to show off their dogs...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

a weird creature (eatable?)

now that mrs j has finally moved in radio has become mother substitute. mrs j is a 6 week young kitten from a feral cat. 6 weeks however is no problem for mrs j, indeed, she's now eating solids (with a little additional kittenformula from a syringe once a day) and behaving like a mad little cat she surely will grow even more to become. initially we intended to do all the seperating and slow intro etc but mrs j is an escapee and went in search for radio after only 10 minutes in her new home. she has not left his side since. radio was smitten from minute 1: a little creature that loves and admires him and follows him around and climbs on top of him and bites his ears. looks as if mrs j will be more dog than cat.