Monday, March 26, 2007


Getting up at 7am, brushing me teeth, coming back to find a sneaky red monster has taken my place...?
Whereas pup Charlie Morph goes to silver and gold 'citizens' classes to learn where 'bed' is, this Radio knew this well before he ever went to dog training. For the record, this Radio is not allowed in the bed but attempts to master the art of sneaking in undetected (Lasse is a heavy sleeper so doesn't notice, not such luck with me)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Schlaraffenland or just another crazy day?

Today Radio went to see his friend Flo in Regents Park, a far far way from Victoria Park in Hackney. Then, as expected in a posh part of town, food rained from the sky: a nearly dead pigeon fell from a tree right in front of us (Yuk). Without warning, 2 years of training him to ignore the feathered creatures of London's parks gone in a split second: Radio grabs pigeon and kills it. One could call it mercy killing (or food grabbing) since the pigeon was nearly dead (hence food), else it would not have fallen from the tree the way it did. But a passing lady started to cry 'save the pigeon from that dog', at which point Radio duly let go of the pigeon and sat and looked at her sheepishly. Needless to say, lady was mortified and for the pigeon it was too late. Schlaraffenland was too good to be true.

And then, just before we were about to go home on the tube, Radio had even more fun when he found the most atrocious smelling poo and rolled in it, which demanded immediate action, i.e. a swim in a freezing pond. This time passers bye had no need to cry, instead they thought Radio brave to retrieve sticks from a pond in this weather and cheered him on (but well, smell stayed, which was amplified by the warmth in the tube, and we blamed it on Flo because she had some mud on her - it worked).

Monday, March 19, 2007

Radio does Parkour

Wikipedia says about Parkour: (sometimes abbreviated to PK) or art du déplacement is a physical art of French origin, the aim of which is to move from point A to point B as efficiently and quickly as possible, using only the possibilities of the human and canine body. It is meant to help one overcome obstacles, which can be anything in the surrounding environment — from branches and rocks to rails and concrete walls — so parkour can be practiced anywhere and anytime. Male parkour practitioners are recognized as traceurs and female as traceuses, canine ones as caceurs.
Radio refuses to do anything that is called 'agility' since that is a dog's sport and instead he insists on only training proper diciplines such as navigating human hurdles and balancing on top of them.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Guerilla Gardening

As an act of support with Manor gardens Allotment being eradicated by the Olympic Village Radio has decided to take up the art of gardening. Radio has always had an interest in 'radical' politics. at this moment it is 'direct action' that is the focus of his attention.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


A very new puppy has joined Radio on his Olympic journey (and better still, Hamish may not be too old when the Olympics actually happen....)
But for now, Hamish and Radio aim to perfect their breakdancing skills.