Friday, April 18, 2008

A Vizsla Health Issue

Since Radio's (Szinarany Apollo - click on this link to see 5 generation pedigree) death we had conversations with many people involved in the breed, and have found that there is still a lack of understanding as to what Radio died from.

Radio's case was not an isolated one. Jasper, Radio's close relative, (Vizslanya Lantos - click to see 5 generation pedigree) had the same illness, and Harvey (Oneandall Chough - click here to see 5 generation pedigree), another close relative, produced one litter only because 2 of his pups died of the same illness.

There are many more dogs affected, but sadly people fear to come forward. And understandably so, as some breeders in the UK still claim that this problem has nothing to do with breeding but is caused by flea or cat bites.....and just keep on breeding with shutters over their eyes.

We Vizsla pet owners took responsibility and said NO to breeding from these dogs, NO to breeding from any dog that has either produced progeny that died from what vets suspect may be a genetic illness, or carry the illness themselves - if one believes a disease has a genetic basis (may not be the whole cause, but a contributing factor), the most prudent thing to do until more information is known, is to not breed from affected dogs. The breed is healthy compared to many others, and in order to make sure that this will continue to be the case, we can only say YES to breeding from healthy dogs. How many more dogs will be born carrying this gene before breeders take responsibility?

It would be senseless to vilify anyone, or any lines per se (because of the history of the Vizsla lines are all mixed up with each other), and the intention is the opposite - to ask for more transparency and debate. Anyone who breeds pedigree dogs will have a problem at one point, that is unavoidable (and all respect to those who are open about these). Still, everyone who breeds must take responsibility as a dog is for life, not just for showing...

A website containing all the articles and research on this illness is

Please see what this illness does to dogs on:
and read more about it here:
and in a few simple steps you can cross check any Vizsla's (and other breeds') pedigree lineage on:

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Radio causes havoc elsewhere now (we hope)

this is my favorite picture of lasse and radio from a year ago.... today was the day when radio's body gave up on him. that he got to be three was a miracle in any case, but makes this not an inch easier. we so miss him, terribly. otto misses him as well, see the video below.
as a final word to end this blog we would urge everyone who ever considers breeding their dogs to do it responsibly, and with the best for the dogs in mind. please make sure to keep blood lines healthy. below is a link to research about radio's illness, and features radio and his half brother/cousin jasper.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

it must be love.....?

There has been a little bit of confusion of late. Radio thinks he's a puppy, and Hamish is happy because hanging out with Radio is so much fun, more play, more smells, someone to curl up with on the sofa... whereas the Redgirls think that ladies have hormonal surges that make it acceptable to behave in an irrational and confused manner (well, with no manners actually!!!!!!!), boy dogs go through similar episodes, but they just appear in a different shape...(but then women never understand what goes on in boys bodies anyway)

So, when Hamish looks to Radio for guidance...exploring the fish only visible in the winter when the grass is cut and which Radio met when he was a wee means learning all that his more experienced best friend does, copying every little bit

and Radio, more than double Hamish's age, and full of experience, loves the role of teacher, guiding Hamish into adulthood....

and has a habit .....

you guessed it.....

of peeing on Hamish's head.

Radio is a good teacher...
and now Hamish is learning how to pee on Radio's too


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

end of year - Richmond Viz Whizz

somehow, not quite sure how, there is always someone who just jumps out of frame as the picture is taken (see the lady in the grey coat on the right, and what's more, her Viz following the trend?)...what a funny habit to have, but who are we to judge?there were: ajax, monty, jane, oskar, jeff, kubrik, paul, leksi, penny, ros, steven, lasse, anna, ziggie, radio, hamish, milo, .... and many more as you can see, including three wires who missed this line up. oh, and there was me!