Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fox-zlsa and his favourite place: the pub

since radio is not genetically correct, he decided that its about time to go all the way. he had always fancied himself a bit of a fox, and now he's behaving like one too....(i.e. can see those squirrels and ducks much better from up there) its a hard life being a Foxszla so Radio deserved a well cosy evening at the George, copying Hamish's robot eyes (has become a bit of a trend among the vizsla community of late), Radio charmed an entire pub into cuddles ...well, they did have a few beers...

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

IBD trial camera up the bum - Myositis return....

this is a classic example of take your dog to the vet and come home without one. we took radio to have his examination at the specialist hospital because he's been off all drugs now.

and they kept him in to put a camera up his bottom and throat and to cut a little piece out from each to see the cellular changes inside of him. he is now enrolled on a research programme and they will do genetic tests and more.....

during all the tests they confirmed that his polymyositis has returned, and he'll be on medication again, and will have to be withdrawn from the trial.

i can collect him today or tomorrow, and he won't have eaten for 4 whole days and will be like charlie morph i imagine. should they find abnormailities then perhaps we found a possible connection between his other illness and IBD. but since the polymyositis is back it looks as if its all part of a compromised immune system, and more of a "was the egg before the hen" kind a thing.

home feels empty without him.