Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Radio teaches Hamish to climb mudd banks

today at the marshes Radio and Hamish jumped down a deep slope. whereas Radio could get out by taking a sprint through the water and then jumping onto the undercut bank, Hamish, who did not yet know that trick kept on sliding back down. i feared that i had to bite the mudd and jump down to rescue Hamish pup. but Radio simply kept on repeating the jump for about 5 minutes, nudging Hamish until he copied him and did the sprint-jump. Hamish was so happy after that he wanted to jump right back in to repeat....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Saturday, July 07, 2007

fabulous Ladies (no other than Ruby and Jo) and their gentlemen....

I was told there is an older gentleman who feeds the ravens in Vikky Park. Perhaps we were too early, or perhaps he was a little late, or perhaps the carcass came not from the man but was left by a fox....whatever happened before we came we will never know. So we (that is radio's new palesse ruby and her truly lovely people) were walking in the park, and there was this lady screaming at her poodle. she threw her lead in its direction and it kept running around her, and we thought that that is a bit funny but mad looking, treating a small mini poodle in that way (or poodle treating its owner as such). As we walked over we saw that the poodle had a carcass in its mouth. poodle drops carcass, Ruby picks it up and claims it her own. now there are 2 more people running after a dog looking all a little mad, just as the lady with the poodle did. before long, but not too shortly after, carcass was secured and yuk! radio of course, being a boy, didn't get a mouthfull in. this leads to the next example of girls being the top of the food chain. Jo kitten, another fab lady: Jo kitten at breakfast time: how could i make the mistake and leave the room? for a moment i thought i had not given the dogs their command to eat but when i came to check.....Jo had taken on the job of food tastrix...she has developed a habit of this lately, seemingly loves dog food more than her own, i know its not good for cats, so i will have watch it from now on.