Sunday, September 30, 2007

happy days

the zoo is complete. radio and franz and otto are in love, at times also with us.franz, as mentioned earlier in a post, has taken to lick people like crazy, but since recently radio and otto get the treatment too.lucky radio got to spend some dog time with hamish in dungeness.
this really is dog food: predigested soy protein and some vegetables. not fair i guess as franz and otto at least get some oat grass + proper food.....

Monday, September 17, 2007

Name in need:

here is our new kitten. he is a mewmew and his given name is mewmew hamish (like radio's is szinarany apollo and otto's is jo). although his temperament is supposed to be (according to the breed description) independent, easily trainable, not a lapcat...of course none of this is true. he is a licking purr machine. he has been with us for three days and thus far he licked my whole hair (needed a wash) and lasse's face (several times), our hands, feet, radio's paws, whatever living being with skin and fur comes near him gets a wash. furthermore, one only needs to look at him and he purrs. needles to say, we adore him.
otto absolutely is smitten with him, though hamish is taking a little more time with her, he started as a dog's kitten, but is beginning to follow her around.
the problem is that he got given the very name of radio's best friend, hamish pup. so we need to find a new name. any ideas?