Sunday, September 30, 2007

happy days

the zoo is complete. radio and franz and otto are in love, at times also with us.franz, as mentioned earlier in a post, has taken to lick people like crazy, but since recently radio and otto get the treatment too.lucky radio got to spend some dog time with hamish in dungeness.
this really is dog food: predigested soy protein and some vegetables. not fair i guess as franz and otto at least get some oat grass + proper food.....


Diesel said...

Hello Radio,

now Charlie is recovering,I thought I would see how you are getting on so how is your recovery going?


radio said...

radio is now on medication every 4th day. next month every 5th day then stop. so far so good, so long as his immune system will be self sufficient then there is hope. at the moment his poop is really soft before he needs medication, which shows a sign of dependency, but so long as we reduce the rest of the medication slowly.....fingers crossed.

thanks for asking!!

Eurodog said...

Yes, I was wondering too.
Certainly looks good in the pictures.

radio said...

thanks eurodog!