Tuesday, August 28, 2007

dog-kitten-fight nr. 299909039087986986

our friend Adam came to stay from LA, and he of course got an appropriate wake up call....(and a new job as referee)...except that radio simply fell asleep, kitten still attached.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

one lucky Radio...

First of all, this morning as i was brushing my teeth, i came back into the room, and hey, a threesome in bed with radio getting a kitten hug...(this radio is not allowed in bed but he always seems to manage somehow). but then lasse got the payback: being woken up by vizslittens kisses...actually the reason why radio was allowed in the bed because he was really quite ill these last days. he is recovering now but he gave us a huge scare, throwing up all over the place, not eating...just the same when he had a major relapse last time....but miracuously (with some help of antibiotics) he was fine almost overnight. our lovely friend eiko made him a plaque and just now brought it as a get better gift to mr. radio...thanks eiko!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

a Hungarian from Wales

this is Artanella (well, what you can see of her hidden behind Vizsla kisses). Artanella is Hungarian and from Budapest. This is Morris, Artanella's 7 months old Hungarian Vizsla pup, and Morris is from Wales.

Friday, August 10, 2007


well, unfortunately not our own...Hamish has swapped with Flo (the owners went on holiday...why not me?) and i noticed that Hamish has become a bit of a poser:here with Daisy guarding Lasse's stall (but purtly keen on catching the lens...)
here at the marshes...again, see the almost incidental glance at the camera, head ever so slightly tilted...
Well, for those who know that Radio has a bit of a love for sheep, he again confirmed, contrary to all other opinion, that it is the look that attracts him, not the smell: meet Tony, the too cute for true old english (not a sheep) dog we met in Vikky Park (Hamish is of course following Radio's advice and got rather attracted to Tony himself)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

dognosis (from hypnosis)

this is basil. basil of course is a herb, just as a radio is something that noise comes out of...this basil and this radio are neither herb nor transmitter/receiver...in any case, basil cheered radio up immensly today because today we got a bit of a fright when radio's test results from the vet came back. his pancreas is not perfect and although this could be related to the rest of his disease, if it is a seperate condition it is not very good (when compared to similar cases). so we not only had a big dinner for him but are hypnotising him so that he'll get better. michael is the master at this art as you can see, and we all are astonished at the effects. radio's ears all pricked up.