Tuesday, August 28, 2007

dog-kitten-fight nr. 299909039087986986

our friend Adam came to stay from LA, and he of course got an appropriate wake up call....(and a new job as referee)...except that radio simply fell asleep, kitten still attached.


redgirls-in-scotland said...

Yey Radio. We redgirls here are bored.A love fest with a kitten sounds GOOOOOD !!

Mum wants a cat. But a daughter (human) (who no longer lives here anyway) (and insists she's allergic)says "Cat come. I won't"

So mum doing meek things. Pity.

Redgirls LOVE cats. Poody. Poody.

Anonymous said...

You kitten is just gorgeous and looks so much fun.

Red girls what you need to do is find a poor little scruffy kitten and make sure your mums daughter knows that it was a life and death desision to take the poor little kitty in!

I have two cats but they aren't that great - infact they are pretty boring :(

redgirls-in-scotland said...

Good thinking Ziggi! Funnily enough the other human daughter (who doesn't live here either) (but who does ADORE cats) suggested the same.

But Mum is useless at lying so she is hoping that a stray really will somehow find us.

We hope so too !! We could NEVER find cats boring ! Oh no.

Charlie said...

Petal Cleanse! It is the answer! So says mum. They had allergic folks to dinner and had pre-treated their two with this stuff and the people didn't even notice there were cats there. No more excuses. Every dog needs a cat.


redgirls-in-scotland said...

Oh thank you Charlie. Looks a great product(though aformentioned daughter will prob STILL feel that her considerations are not being properly prioritised. Tis hard work being a mummy!)

Next question .. has anyone ever introduced a kitten to 2 fiendish red tornados who maintain that they love cats but well ahemm would actually chase them to the horizon given the chance. An older experienced cat with an evil eye that stood its ground and hissed and spat would probably put them in their place. (Redgirls are not actually terribly brave) But Hat and Bert think cats and hares were put on this earth for no other reason than to indulge redgirls' sporting instincts.

Anonymous said...

It is a case of desensitisation which can take a while. Most dogs (pesto included) will quite happily chase their cats outside but inside it is different just like some dog aggressive dogs live with other dogs fine (like ziggi!)

To start with introduce the kitten to the girls seperately so they can't wind each other up. Do you own a crate? if so contain the kitten in it whilst one redgirl is outside. Praise and treat any calm behaviour of the girly - watch out for pupil fixation or pointing behaivour and call her away and ask for some sits or downs. Do it with a girly contained inside the crate also praising her for just settling.

feed them in the same room (kitten crated) and everytime they see the kitten they get treats for staying calm.

Make sure they have no chance to chase by having baby gates on doors - allow the kitten out but not the redgirls.

hope this helps

(p.s if your mum wants i can come up to scotland with a ickle kitten that just needs rescuing - wouldn't need to lie then!!!)

Rufus said...

Turns out I am mega jealous of the 2 cats that live with me. They don't want to see me but mum keeps bringing them down and sitting on the sofa stroking them and it drives me mad. I have to go on the lead otherwise I WILL chase them. It does look quite nice cuddling up to them though and maybe they could clean the back of my head that I can't reach. Hmmm maybe I'll learn to love them but only if mum gives them less attention than ME!

Diesel said...

Hello Everyone,
I would love to have a kitten to play with.
When I stayed with Rosie,Dylan and Tiggy I was very good,mostly.
Even when cats run away from me in the street I do not chase them even though I am always off lead.
Anthony says he is "not allowed" to get a kitten but he was "not allowed" to get a vizsla either.
Apparently he had a cat called Ziggy Stardust for nineteen and a half years,even though he is allergic to cats.
Technically Ziggy belonged to Rosie and Dylan's mum,though she never lived with her!
That is how a dumped kitten got to live here all it's life,or so I am told.


Eurodog said...

This is fun.
I think Belle would not accept a kitten or another animal in the house.

Kay Bock said...

Aw, that's way too cute! I wish my pets could get along like that. Instead, the kitty torments the dog until he finally gives up and chases her around the house.