Saturday, February 23, 2008

Radio causes havoc elsewhere now (we hope)

this is my favorite picture of lasse and radio from a year ago.... today was the day when radio's body gave up on him. that he got to be three was a miracle in any case, but makes this not an inch easier. we so miss him, terribly. otto misses him as well, see the video below.
as a final word to end this blog we would urge everyone who ever considers breeding their dogs to do it responsibly, and with the best for the dogs in mind. please make sure to keep blood lines healthy. below is a link to research about radio's illness, and features radio and his half brother/cousin jasper.


redgirls-in-scotland said...

More than words can say we are distraught by Radio's passing.He was the most indescribably special and unique vizsla - and Andrea and Lasse the best and most caring and devoted owners ever.

Dearest darling Radio we will all miss you so much.Andrea and Lasse ... what to say? hugs and love from a very weepy Di

Ziggi and Pesto said...

I am so so so sorry. He will be dearly missed and was so well loved.

3 is a great age for what he contended with.

He will always be our sheep herding, water loving, rock climbing, Olympic contender and one and only Hero.

R.I.P Radio

Hugs to you Andrea and Lasse.

From also a very weepy Anna

Hamish said...

It is the saddest day and there is nothing to say that could make it any less so. It's just too bloody sad.

But in time the sadness will be less and we will be left with so many wonderful memories of such a fantastic life, an inspiration to us all. Radio loved life and fought to hold on to his for so long. He was such a good friend and mentor to our wee Hamish who loved him as a brother and miles more than any other dog.

Together in the house, they were a royal pain in the ass, but I already miss that too. I don't want to tell them to 'calm down' any more I want to say "you just keep doing what you're doing boys, keep having fun, wrestling and humping (and the rest) and double attacking me with kisses till I nearly wet myself with joy and when I'm really at my wits end you make me laugh all over again."

Yes, he was the smartest Viz and the BEST swimmer ever, but I will remember him most as the gentlest, sweetest and kindest one.


Charlie said...

Oh poor Radio. Also very weepy here. Can't imagine how you're feeling. What a superstar hero he was. Hugs from us.

Anonymous said...

Dear Andrea and Lasse,

I have been reading Radio's blog for over a year now (along with the others) and have smiled, laughed and been proud on your behalf but have never left a comment.

As we prepare to collect our first ever Vizsla on Easter weekend I am compelled to write to you both and tell you how proud you should be of all that you and radio achieved, and that he will remain forever in everyone's heart as a true hero and an inspiration.

With thoughts and wishes,


Diesel said...

Hello Andrea and Lasse,

I have never even met Radio but I am going to miss him all the same.
In his short life he was the vizsla all the rest of us looked up to.
My boss was always saying to me "Why can't you be more like Radio?".
How many other dogs could swim like fish,climb trees,rescue people and herd sheep?
Radio could probably do all of these at once!

We both thought Radio was far down the road to recovery with a long life before him.
Last we saw him he had his head in a big fish.
We will always remember him like that.
We will remember him dressed as a sheep too.

Radio was a friend to many who never met him as well as those who knew him well.

I have to go now,my boss has something in his eye.


Anonymous said...

Another Anonymous here. I've been reading the blogs for about a year and a half now. Never spoken to any of you, but am also in tears. Radio was a great dog. Taken too soon. Run free Radio x

Rio Rocket said...

Radio you are free of this world only to cross the rainbow into the next. May your rainbow days be filled with no pain and all the birds, trees & rabbits your little heart desires. You will be missed. You taught those around you so much.

Blessings to all who met him and cared for him.

Rocket & Family
Michigan USA

Rufus said...

As one of the younger generation I looked to Radio for advice, wisdom and inspiration.

I'm gutted we never got to meet. I was looking forward to the next Viz Whiz and finally acquainting with the infamous Radio. Regretably I left it too late.

Increadibly sad. Words cannot express the loss.

Mum and Dad are both in tears.

R.I.P Radio

Anonymous said...

We will miss Radio and his blog. He was obviously a very special dog and touched many lives in his short life.

Our thoughts are with you and Radio run free and happy at Rainbow Bridge.

Must go and console Mum now.


Anonymous said...

RIP Radio.

Your time was short but you will live forever in our hearts.

Andrew Campbell said...

A+L: I'm sorry that this is the third time trying to post a comment of sympathy -- but we are still in Mongolia and occasionally things don't work as smoothly as you might expect.

Hopefully you did see our promise to say prayers for you all at the Gandan temple here in Ulaan Baatar at the RedGirls' blog. We have experienced loss like yours and can only really take comfort in knowing that our dogs loved us and lived fuller lives because of our love for them.

with all our best wishes

radio said...

thank you all for your thoughts and for caring! its so empty at home now, but you all know what i mean....

Anonymous said...

So sorry to here about Radio , what a brave fight he put up.
I can not begin to imaging what you are all going through.
Kate & Andrew

Dexter said...

Very very sorry to hear your sad news. Got back from a trip away the other day and was checking out the blog dogs when I came across your post, had me in tears.

In his short life he seems to have achieved so much, and I can imagine he has left a huge hole in your lives and will be a very hard act to follow. Hopefully your many happy memories of him will help.

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Turbo the Sibe said...

I am sorry for your loss.

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Blue said...

I can believe I haven't visited for so long, & I'm really heart broken to find the awfull news of Radio.
I type this thrugh tears, partly guilt because I should have visited more often BUT mainly becaue when I did I loved seeing Radio.
My fav shot - him tree climbng.
So sorry for you.

Rusty and Co said...

Dear Radio's family

We're in Seattle and have been reading Radio's blog off and on for the past year. We have a vizsla pup of our own and are really sorry to see that Radio has passed on. He loved you and you loved him.